Georgia to prolong peacekeepers' mandate, poses conditions

(Tbilisi, January 26, Civil Georgia) Georgian National Security Council (NSC) discussed situation in breakaway Abkhazia at the meeting on January 26.
After the meeting member of the NSC, head of the Abkhaz government in exile Tamaz Nadareishvili told the reporters that Georgia will prolong Russian peacekeepers' mandate in the conflict zone only in case the peacekeepers' mandate is expanded.

He said that Georgia also wants from Russia to stop granting Russian citizenship to the population living in Abkhazia and close railway connection between Russia and Abkhazia.

Georgia wants to transfer the separation line between Abkhaz and Georgian forces to the river Galidzga, thus allowing return of the displaced persons to Gali district. More details of the NSC decisions are expected on Monday, as president Eduard Shevardnadze holds his traditional briefing.


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