Georgia: New North Ossetian leader for "Uniting" with South Ossetia

Newly appointed leader of Russia's North Ossetia republic Teymuraz Mamsurov told Novaya Gazeta, that his republic should annex Georgia's breakaway South Ossetia.

When asked about the policy regarding South Ossetia, Mamsurov responded "I think that there is only one possible way. Ossetia - is a divided nation which was split within one country [Soviet Union]. That's why there can be no other options than reunification."

North Ossetia currently deploys some 500 military as peacekeepers in quadripartite (Russia, Russia's North Ossetia, South Ossetia, Georgia proper) Joint Peacekeeping Force stationed in South Ossetian conflict zone.

Outgoing North Ossetian president Aleksander Dzasokhov was known for his measured rhethoric towards South Ossetia conflict. It is for the first time when North Ossetian top official makes an open statement suggesting annexation of the Georgian territory.

Mamsurov told Novaya Gazeta that he spend "all the time" on the eve of his appointment together with South Ossetian leader Eduard Kokoity, who is currently in North Ossetian capital, Vladikavkaz.

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