Georgia ā€“ Land Slide (ECHO Daily Flash of 22 May 2014)

News and Press Release
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A rock mass collapsed in the Dariali Gorge last Saturday, on May 17, blocking the Tergi River. The disaster was a result of intensive movement of the Devdoraki glacier located at the 5047 meter-high peak. The collapsed material blocked the river Tergi and created a temporary dam flooding the surrounding area.
According to the Emergency Management Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (as of 22 May), seven people are reported missing and one dead; about 200 people were evacuated by helicopter from the border crossing checkpoint and its nearby areas.

The landslide caused substantial damage to the infrastructure; North-South Pipeline, running through the area, has been affected, suspending transit of Russian gas to Armenia via Georgia.

The weather conditions are expected to deteriorate, according to the weather forecasts, complicating the rescue and clearance work. Union Civil Protection Mechanism was activated on the request of the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources protection of Georgia.