Georgia: Floods - Emergency Plan of Action (MDRGE011)

Situation Report
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Description of the disaster

On 5 July 2018, due to heavy raining, melting of snow and glacier in the upper part of the river Nenskra basin, a part of the mountain Khokrili (Samegrelo Zemo Svaneti Region, Georgia) collapsed, blocking the Nenskra River bed. As a result, accumulated water flooded the Nenskra valley villages. In total 1,143 people (323 families) live in Chuberi community villages. All of them were affected by the flooding according to the local government of Mestia.

Due to the disaster, infrastructure has been damaged; roads and four bridges connecting the villages as well as agricultural lands and fruit trees have been totally destroyed. Electricity lines have been damaged.

According to the information received from the Georgia Red Cross Society Mestia branch, the number of households affected are the following:

As of the latest reports, 323 families (1,143 people) remain without access to the sewage system, proper access to drinking water and electricity. Out of these 323 families, 160 families have lost their household items, food stocks in their basements, furniture, clothing, cattle and poultry. Their agricultural lands and fruit trees are destroyed.

Houses of 60 families have been partially destroyed; they also lost their belongings – food stocks, household items, furniture, cattle and poultry – and have been accommodated at their relatives’. Three families’ houses have been totally destroyed, including all of their belongings.

Due to the rain, the roads connecting Chuberi villages was totally destroyed. All the relevant structures are involved in disaster liquidation works in Chuberi community.

Eight small wood processing plants were destroyed, which were the main source of income for the local population, which is expected to affect the livelihoods of the population in longer term period.

Specialists of the National Environmental Agency are studying the causes of the disaster in the affected area; they are developing recommendations to carry out preventive measures.