EU deploys expert team to Georgia following landslide

26/05/14 – Following a request for assistance from the Government of Georgia, the European Commission has activated the EU Civil Protection Mechanism to respond to the landslide which occurred on 17 May. An assessment mission is being deployed and the team of experts will identify potential threats to the local population and recommend an appropriate course of action to respond in the aftermath of the disaster.


At least one person died and several more are reported missing following the landslide which hit Northern Georgia's Dariali gorge on 17 May. The landslide brought with it a vast amount of debris and mud, causing damage to vehicles and infrastructure. The vollapse of the mountainside has also blocked the Tergi river bed, creating a dam and flooding the main transit road with Russia. According to the government of Georgia there is a risk of further landslides, putting the local population in danger, and threating the critical infrastructure and the environment. Access to the area adjacent to the border crossing point is cut off and gas supplies from Russia to Armenia is suspended. Russia promptly offered its help to respond to the crisis.