Estonia donating 17 million Kroons to the international reconstruction of Georgia

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At today's Georgia donors' conference in Brussels, which was organised by the European Commission and the World Bank, Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet announced that Estonia is prepared to support the reconstruction of Georgia in 2008 and 2009 with a total sum of 17 million kroons (1.1 million EUR).

Paet emphasised that today's donors' conference is an important step in supporting the overall socio-economic development in Georgia. "Helping along with reviving the economy is of vital importance to Georgia's recovery from the conflict and a prerequisite for achieving stability in the region," said Foreign Minister Paet. "The international community must strengthen its role in the region and be dedicated until the post-conflict situation in Georgia has resolved in a way that ensures the development of the nation, a democratic stance, and the welfare of the citizens," Paet emphasised.

The foreign minister brought up the fact that in addition to humanitarian aid and financial support for the reconstruction of Georgia, the European Union must take advantage of the current situation and give their own boost to strengthening ties with Georgia and other nations to our east. "Now is the time to overcome our fears and send a clear message to these countries that with hard work and the implementation of reforms, they are welcome to become a part of our system of common European values," stated Paet.

Estonia has consistently supported the democratic development of Georgia and the structuring of its state institutions. Georgia is one of Estonia's development co-operation priority nations. So far, Estonia has already donated 15.5 thousand tonnes of aid for alleviating the aftermath of the conflict in Georgia. An additional aid shipment is currently being prepared that aims to help children in Georgia. Estonia has also sent four crisis psychologists, two IT specialists, and a mine-clearing unit to Georgia. Estonia has given a million kroons through UNICEF to help children that suffered in the armed conflict.

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