Digest: Dignified Life Until Return, Nο. 4 March/April 2012

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Interview with General Director of Caritas Georgia, Fr Witold Szulczynsk

Question: How many years do you work in Georgia? What is the main aim of “Caritas Georgia?
Answer: I have been in Georgia since 20th November 1993, when I started to work for the Apostolic Nunciature. Caritas Georgia has been working since the spring 1994. The mission of the Organization is to help poor people, without distinction. The purpose is also to witness, through concrete deeds in different spheres, that God is love.
In 1993, the Holy Father, John Paul II told me what for me is now the eleventh commandment: do so that the Catholics will be good Catholics and that the Orthodox will be good Orthodox. This is what we have been doing since 1993, we have been clinging to this principle.