Digest: Dignified Life Until Return, Nο. 2 - December 2011

News and Press Release
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From the Collapsing Buildings to the new rehabilitated apartments

Improvement of living conditions of IDPs and durable housing solution process continues. In line with the IDP State Strategy Action Plan, 214 IDP families (706 IDPs) will live in better conditions.

IDPs were relocated from the Tbilisi I Clinical Hospital (former Aramiantsi building), the Seismological Observatory; №9 Hospital, the former dance school and other dilapidating buildings to new, fully rehabilitated buildings. With the assistance of the State, IDPs were provided with apartments in Samgori district, Gldani-Nadzaladevi district, Tbilisi and Rustavi City. The buildings are fully rehabilitated, new roof and communication systems were made, new metal-plastic doors and windows were installed and other related activities were implemented.