COVID-19 Georgia: Situation Report # 1 as of 9 April 2020

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  • COVID-19 cases in Georgia rose to 211, recoveries stand at 50 and deaths at 3; cases are predicted to peak by late April - early May;

  • EU will provide Georgia with 183 mln euro to fight COVID-19;

  • In an open letter by the IFIs and banks they assured to support economic recovery in Georgia;

  • Locally manufactured face masks are available at pharmacies countrywide;

  • 3,500 hospital beds have been allocated for treating coronavirus-infected patients;

  • Top health official entreated Georgian Orthodox Church parishioners to pray at home;

  • Government launched “Aggressive Testing” of target groups on COVID-19;

Georgia situation overview

On 26 February, 2020, the first case of COVID-19 was diagnosed in Georgia. Soon thereafter, direct flights from China, Iran and Italy were suspended. Land border crossing points were closed for passenger traffic, only cargo was allowed. The Prime Minister of Georgia established, and leads an Intergovernmental Coordination Council to combat the COVID-19. The Government mobilized hospitals for confirmed cases, as well as quarantine spaces for suspected cases in different regions of Georgia. Despite early actions of the Government, the number of confirmed and suspected cases continued to grow, triggering the Government to declare the State of Emergency for a period of one month on 21 March, imposing different restrictions and measures. Two regions, Bolnisi and Dmanisi, were declared as quarantine zones after detecting community spread on 22 March.

A nationwide curfew was declared and further restrictive measures were introduced on 31 March: public transport was halted and population was requested to selfisolate and elderlies aged over 70 are urged to stay home. Mobility is restricted to 3 people per vehicle, and in public spaces. Only groceries, pharmacies, fuel/gas stations and banks are authorized to operate along with enterprises with critical functions as well as construction and infrastructural project sites having appropriate safety license. The Government reiterated several times that they stand ready to assist the breakaway regions with supplies and treatment of COVID-19 patients. With the purpose of serving patients in Zugdidi and adjacent areas in mind, Rukhi General Hospital was refurbished. The first case of COVID-19 was reported in Abkhazia on 7 April, where restrictions of movement are in place and the administrative boundary line remains closed. All schools have been closed and end of year exams have been canceled. The second patient was diagnosed with COVID-19 in Abkhazia on 9 April.

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