WFP The Gambia Country Brief, June 2020

Situation Report
Originally published


In Numbers

86.54 mt of food assistance distributed

US$ 0 cash-based transfers made

US$19.9 m six months (July-December 2020) net funding requirements

11,091 people assisted in June 2020

Operational Updates

• On 8 June, the first humanitarian flight landed at the Banjul International Airport. WFP Gambia facilitated the approval for the Gambian Government to authorize access to a Humanitarian Corridor for WFP Aviation. This service will provide passenger and cargo air service for humanitarian and health workers as part of WFP’s logistics support for The Gambia’s COVID-19 response, ensuring that medical and personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies, and Aid Workers are able to reach The Gambia. Flights are scheduled twice weekly, every fortnight to Banjul. As Co-Chair of the Logistics and Safety Committee, WFP continues to support logistics and safety requirements of the Government.

• In order to curb the spread of COVID-19 across the country, on 10 June, the Government of The Gambia extended the national state of emergency for an additional 21 days, effective until 1 July 2020. Although the state of emergency remains in effect, the Government announced an easing of restrictions on 4 June, leading to the reopening of markets, mosques and churches with outlined restrictive measures.

• As the lean season and rains commenced in June, WFP continued to monitor the food security situation within the COVID-19 context. Food insecurity continues to be exacerbated by the loss of income and livelihoods, leading to increased vulnerabilities within urban and rural populations of the country.

• WFP also continued to support the national grievance redressal mechanism (1025 Call Centre) in partnership with the Government of The Gambia, enabling citizens across the country to access immediate 24-hour support and guidance on reporting and handling probable COVID-19 cases. About 80 percent of the COVID-19 cases have so far been reported through the call centre.

• The Gambia Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education to disinfect 190 schools in line with plans for a staggered reopening of schools. 86% 13% WFP The Gambia Country Brief June 2020 nationwide.