Weekly Situation Report on Joint Emergency Response to address Severe Crop Failure in The Gambia in 2011/12 - Issue 02

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1 . Highlights

  • Following the declaration of emergency by the Government of the Gambia, on March 6, 2012, the UN System in The Gambia has finalised a joint proposal to access the UN Central Emergency Response Funds (CERF), for immediate response amounting to US1.9 million. This is in line with the objective of providing immediate assistance to save lives and prevent deterioration of the nutritional status of the population most affected by the crop failure. In view of limited resources the most vulnerable in the identified areas will be targeted.

  • On 12 th March 2012, an emergency cabinet meeting was called, during which Government reiterated its commitment to work with UN Agencies and Humanitarian actors in resolving the crisis.

  • A coordination meeting of Donors and partners was organised by the UN Resident Coordinator on March 12 th , to present funding requirements to donors and obtain pledges. Following this a donor briefing note was prepared and shared with all donors in-country for their analysis and potential financial contribution.

  • On 16 th March, at a Meeting of the National Disaster Governing Council, chaired by the Vice President it was recommended that a Resource Mobilisation Task Force be formally set up under the Chairmanship of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs. Task force members include Office of the Vice President, Ministry of Agriculture, WFP, UNDP, FAO, and Action on Aid International The Gambia (AAITG). The main task is to mobilise resources to address the estimated response funding gap of US$17,471,171.

  • A strategic coordination committee constituting NDMA, WFP, UNDP and UNICEF is overseeing the ongoing detailed multi-sectoral needs assessment to further guide targeting, decision making and additional resource mobilisation efforts for immediate response. This assessment is funded mainly by The Government of the Gambia, UNDP, WFP, UNICEF, UNAIDS the Gambia Red Cross Society, Concern Universal and Action Aid.