UNICEF Gambia Monthly Humanitarian Situation Report - 31 August 2012

Situation Report
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  1. The community screening of children has led to the identification and admission of 960 children to the management of SAM program. UNICEF is providing RUTF to the outpatient therapeutic program sites.

  2. The CO has developed a plan on the provision of WASH minimum services package to the 5 nutrition centres in the country (Banjul, Farafeni, Basse, Bansang and Naafori). This includes provision of essential sanitation and hygiene supplies such as soap, bleach, diapers, potties and education materials on hand washing in the centres. However, only the education materials on hand washing have been delivered to the centres. The supplies are not available due to lack of funding. Cholera preparedness and response plan has been developed and shared with all partners. No case of cholera has been reported since January 2012 3. Preparations to conduct the first ever national nutrition survey with SMART methods are complete and training on data collection has begun on 28th August 2012. This survey will provide a comprehensive update of the situation of nutrition among children under five.

  3. UNICEF has provided nutrition supplies including F100 and F75 therapeutic milk for the management of severe cases of malnutrition in Bansang Hospital, which will reach approximately 50 children each month. Supplies have been provided for a period of 6 months. This support will be expanded to 4 additional inpatient facilities in the country.

  4. An urban vulnerability assessment on food and nutrition security of households of vulnerable urban areas by National Nutrition Agency (NaNA), the National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) and WFP is currently taking place.