Giving Voice to Communities Affected by Crop Failure in West Africa

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Executive Summary

A. Introduction

Between 09 to 13 July 2012, 36 frontline staff from 26 organisations; Women’s Groups, Youth Groups, administrative government departments (Agriculture, Forestry, Community Development, Education, Water Resources, Livestock, Health, Area Council), National Red Cross Society Volunteers, CBOs and National NGOs conducted participatory field work on an inter-agency basis to give communities a voice, identify and attribute impact contribution. The findings reflect the voices of 175 people (majority women) in 12 representative community groups in 2 Districts of Central Region Region.

B. Exercise Objective

The objective of the People First Impact Method (confer Annex 2) exercise in Central River Region was to give communities a voice. It records declarations of impact and measures the impact; positive, negative and neutral of interventions without agency or project bias. It sets out the attribution of positive, negative and neutral change alongside the drivers of impact. It informs agencies and other stakeholders (including communities, government, UN Agencies, NGOs, faith groups, CBOs, donors and private sector) of how the community view past and present impact differences and what is important for them. It adds to the body of material on quality and accountability and best practice to inform the humanitarian and development sectors.