Daa Nyeeno Food Security and Market Information Bulletin for The Gambia, 31 July 2012

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  • Humanitarian response to recent crop failure emergency has commenced in April 2012 and is targeting at least 206,000 people in 19 most affected districts through provision of food, seeds, horticulture inputs, fertilizer, livestock vaccination, drugs and feed as well as nutrition, health and sanitation support.

  • Food availability in commercial markets is stable and covers overall domestic cereal needs.
    However, food access remains a major challenge for households seriously affected by the crop failure due to high food prices and eroded purchasing power.

  • Annual food price inflation (at 5% in June) continues to be higher than overall consumer price inflation for the same period (4%). Rice prices in the second quarter of 2012 remain elevated at 6.7% above 2011 levels and just 2.5% below 2008 food price crisis levels

  • Late onset of adequate rainfall delays sowing activity while climate variability is predicted throughout the season. Total rainfall is expected at 70 - 90% of normal level for Western Sahel.
    Locust alert raised to level of threat for north-central Sahel with locust populations breeding already in Mali and Mauritania.

  • Malnutrition levels (wasting) have increased by 1.6% compared to the 2011 dry season to reach 11% in February/March 2012. It is the highest level recorded in the last 10 years