African Development Bank: US$500,000 grant for the flood victims in Gambia

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ABIDJAN, 7 JULY 2000 - The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank (ADB) approved today a Technical Assistance Fund (TAF) grant of US $ 500,000 for emergency relief to flood victims in Gambia.

The objective of the emergency operation is to assist the flood affected communities of the Gambia to cope with the flood damages incurred during the rainy season of 1999. It particularly seeks to rapidly rehabilitate the agriculture infrastructure as well as supply the agricultural inputs needed to produce food for the victims of the flood as well as provide safe drinking water.

The project will involve urgent repairs of dykes and spillways in the lowlands of the worst affected areas. It will also involve the purchase of long floating rice seeds and other inputs as well as the rehabilitation of 35 and treatment of 116 wells.

The loan represents the Bank Group contribution to Gambia Government and other donor efforts to provide urgent assistance after the destructive effects of the floods on the farming population.

Bank Group operations in Gambia started in 1971. To date, the Group has committed a total of US$ 240.87 million on 38 operations out of which about US$ 172.17 million have been disbursed.

*1UA = US$ 1.32002 as at June 1st, 2000

Description: Repairs of agricultural infrastructure; rehabilitation and treatment of wells.

Beneficiary: Republic of Gambia

Executing agencies: National Committee on Disaster Relief, Emergency and Resettlement (NCDRER)

Starting date: August/September 2001

Duration: 6 months

Procurement: By UNDP in accordance with UN system procurement rules

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