French Polynesia (France)

French Polynesia Health Surveillance Bulletin no. 1 - 2021: 04/01/2021 - 17/01/2021 (Weeks 1 and 2)

Situation Report
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This bulletin has been produced using data from the sentinel network doctors and nurses, health department facilities (health clinics, infirmaries, outlying hospitals and mother and child centres), Taaone Hospital, private and public laboratories, and the Armed Forces.


ARI: abrupt onset of fever or a feeling of fever, respiratory or ENT symptoms, aches/pain, fatigue, headaches.

ARI ► 130 cases reported by sentinel doctors

The percentage of office visits for ARI syndrome, which is in steady decline, is 4.5%, i.e. the lowest rate since mid-August 2020.

ARI surveillance protocol

Since Week 36, 210 samples collected as part of ARI surveillance have been tested using multiplex PCR.
At least one respiratory pathogen was identified in 138 samples (65.7%).

The latest results show predominant and persistent rhinovirus transmission (44.8% of case: see table).

One bacterium (S. pneumoniae and/or H. influenzae) was detected in 79 of the 210 samples (34.5% of the positive multiplex showed virusbacteria co-infection).