North Macedonia

Sweden preparing to take part in peace support force in Macedonia

Unofficial translation
On 13 February 2003, the Government decided to present a bill to the Riksdag in preparation for Swedish participation in the planned EU-led peace support force in Macedonia. In the bill, the Government describes developments in Macedonia (the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, FYROM), the conditions for stationing an international force led by the European Union (EU), previous Swedish missions in the country and preparations for Swedish participation in the planned EU force.

In its bill, the Government proposes that the Riksdag approve the Government's placing an armed force of a maximum of twenty persons at the disposal of an EU-led military peace support operation for twelve months. This initiative has been taken after an invitation by Macedonia's government and in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 1371, in which support is expressed for an international security-related presence in the country. The Macedonian mission will be the EU's first military crisis-management operation and will be undertaken with the support of NATO and in close cooperation with other international actors in the country.

After the final decision on the initiative has been made by the EU foreign ministers, and given the approval of the Riksdag, the Government intends to take a decision on the size and composition of the Swedish troop contribution. According to the planning schedule agreed on by the EU countries, the mission could go ahead as early as March this year.

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