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Macedonia has 2.038.059 citizens

Macedonia - Census
Skopje, January 16 - Macedonia has 2.038.059 citizens, based on the preliminary results of census conducted in Macedonia in November last year, the MAKFAX news agency reported.

According to preliminary results released yesterday by the State Statistics Institute, Macedonia's population totals 2.061.800. Among them, 23.741 are foreign citizens who are present in Macedonia less than a year. These foreign citizens are mainly refugees or displaced persons currently accommodated in Macedonia.

As many as 1.991.893 citizens are currently present in the country, whilst, 46.166 citizens live abroad.

"The preliminary data on percentage of ethnic groups could be expected in six months", said the Director of the Statistics Institute Blagica Novkovska at the press conference, adding that processing of census results is ongoing.

"The preliminary results have been released within the legal deadline ranging 60 days, and we do not exclude the possibility that the final results be slightly different," Novkovska said. The main reason for this is the fact that not all of the census results have been processed so far.

Novkovska said there were certain irregularities reported in some of the census regions. The bilingual and multilingual forms were filled in one language only, which is not in line with the predefined census methodology.

According to census results, the number of households in Macedonia totals 557.254 whilst the number of flats totals 690.762.