North Macedonia

fYR of Macedonia: Finances for reconstruction of all houses in Matejce provided

Macedonia - EU
Skopje, January 22 - With the assistance of three foreign governmental donors - The Netherlands, Germany and Italy-, the European Commission's Office in Skopje and the International Management Group (IMG) have provided the necessary finances for reconstruction of the remaining houses in Kumanovo village of Matejce damaged during the last year's war conflict in the country, MAKFAX reported.

The reconstruction of 26 houses belonging to ethnic Albanians in the second phase of the Program are in progress, and will be completed in February. Reconstruction of 46 houses was already completed in the spring of 2002. The preparations for the 2nd phase covering 175 houses belonging to ethnic Albanians as well as Macedonians / Serbs are in progress.

In order to highlight the key issues related to different activities to be undertaken before the reconstruction can commence and other issues related to the actual return when the housing reconstruction is completed, the European Commission and the IMG is organizing a hearing and information meeting for all ethnic Macedonians and Serbs from Matejce, the press release reads.