North Macedonia

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: Floods DREF operation n° MDRMK002 - Final report



CHF 176,424 was allocated from the IFRC’s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) on 4th March 2013 to support the National Society in delivering assistance to some 1216 families or 4864 beneficiaries, and to replenish disaster preparedness stocks. Due to new floods during the operation timeframe, the number of the beneficiaries grew additionally with another 105 families, so the total number of affected families is 1321, or 5284 beneficiaries.

The heavy rainfalls that affected the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia from 23rd February 2013 caused the overflow of rivers, damaging and spilling several dams and leading to serious consequences in the infrastructure, some agricultural fields and the houses of the residents in a number of regions in the country. The most affected regions by the floods were Kumanovo, Shtip, Sveti Nikole, Strumica, Valandovo, Ohrid, Probishtip and Kochani.

The Red Cross of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia provided emergency assistance to the by the floods affected people in Kumanovo, Sveti Nikole, Shtip, Probishtip, Strumica and Valandovo, which were the most affected regions. Later – due to the heavy rains that again affected the country – there were additional flooded households in Bitola and Ohrid. In accordance with the DREF request, the Red Cross of The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia distributed relief goods (food parcels, hygiene parcels, blankets, mattresses, sleeping bags, cooking sets, rubber boots) and additionally distributed diapers and wooden stoves, and potable water in the first days after the disaster which were not covered by the planned operation.

The Red Cross of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia HQ supported the RC local branches which are in the flooded regions, while conducting the needs assessment and the distribution of relief items. Most of the beneficiaries received the goods in their home. During the operation, the Red Cross of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia was in constant communication and coordination with the Disaster Management Coordinator of the IFRC Europe Zone Office and with other governmental institutions, which are part of the National System for Crisis Management, so the undertaken activities were coordinated within the authorities and capacities of each stakeholder.

The National Society managed the disaster response operation with international support (DREF) and organized a relief operation in the flooded regions. This was achieved with the continuous support of the local Red Cross branches and through their capacities, network and willingness to take actions. Additionally, the National Society strengthened its image as a leading organization in providing aid to the people in need.