Tropical Cyclone Evan - 4 PM Wednesday 12th December 2012

from Government of Fiji
Published on 12 Dec 2012 View Original

Tropical Depression TD 04F was upgraded and named Tropical Cyclone (TC) Evan around 2.30pm today. TC Evan [995 hPa] Category (CAT) 1 centre was located near 14.2 South latitude and 174.5 West longitude or about 300 km west of Apia, Samoa, at 3pm today. It is moving towards the east at 20km/hr. The cyclone is intensifying and may reach Category 2, or storm force, in the next 24 to 48 hours.

On this track, the cyclone centre is expected to make landfall over Savaii, Samoa, tonight, before making a u-turn towards the south, over Samoa still, and head back towards the west, later on Friday 14 th December.

If Evan maintains its projected track and intensity trend after leaving Samoa, it should move across the northern parts of Tonga on Saturday and arrive into the Fiji waters by Sunday 16 th December, at least as a CAT 2. Additionally, ahead of this cyclone, as it heads for Fiji, damaging heavy easterly swells are expected. These can cause damages to, and sea flooding of, low-lying coastal areas.

All communities in Fiji should be prepared now, heed warnings, and act responsibly, to avoid unnecessary loss of lives and/or property.