Strategic Plan 2010-2014

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The Fiji Red Cross Society (FRCS) is well-placed to plan and carry out activities over the next five years. The review of the last strategic plan (2006-09) concluded that FRCS had acquitted itself well against the plan but that there was room for improvement in most areas.

Some of the reported shortcomings were due to the complexity of the plan itself and to the introduction, during the last two years, of new infrastructure designed to give FRCS branches a greater role to play. One reported problem was a lack of broad ownership of the plan due to the plan’s complexity. A second problem was associated with a largely volunteer workforce, spread over large distances giving rise, at times, to gaps in communication among the various components of the Society. However, FRCS accomplished much of the planned work and external stakeholders and members of the public consulted appear to be satisfied with the Society’s performance. Overall FRCS’ work and management is of a high standard and the Society has won a well-deserved and proven place in humanitarian work in Fiji.

This plan seeks to allow time for the various adverse factors and problems to be addressed. It does not offer any specific solutions but rather is intended to give guidance to the Society and sufficient space to attend to long-standing problems Priorities among programmes have not been set.

This new plan has been written to allow flexibility to deal with factors identified with FRCS during datagathering and analyses for this plan.
Strengths included:

  • Brand recognition and respect.
  • Experienced and reliable staff.
  • Well-established structure and existing programmes.
  • Strong experience and reputation in responding to disasters
  • Transparency and accountability in its activities and funding.