Situation Report 1 - Fiji flooding

Situation Report
Originally published
Prepared: 1500hrs Monday 12th March,2007

Flood Response 9th - 11th March, 2007


The tropical depression which formed in the Fiji group on Thursday th8 and a low pressure situation presently covering the country is responsible for the heavy rainfall situation particularly in certain areas of the two main islands, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu.

Both situations have caused separate flooding incidents. Fiji Red Cross Society (FRCS) having completed assessments and an immediate relief effort in the Macuata region (in the island Vanua Levu) and Rakiraki (Viti Levu) has again been placed on continuous alert due to threats of more flooding.

Three lives have been lost due to the flash flooding in Labasa and flood warnings remain in force for the north of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu.


- FRCS activated operations and established a Coordination Team in Labasa at approximately 1400hrs on Saturday 10th March.

- A team headed by the FRCS Divisional Service Centre Coordinator Northern was placed on standby to monitor the situation.

- Communication links were immediately established with the Divisional DISMAC, Labasa and the NEOC in Suva when they activated at approximately 0800brs Friday 9th March. During this period regular communications was maintained between the FRCS, activated operation centres. FRCS later that afternoon (from 5pm during the peak of the flooding incident in Labasa mainly due to the high tide at approx 2100hrs) assisted in several evacuations with local Fire Authority, Police and Military in setting up evacuation shelters for approximately 45 people.

Situation at the temporary evacuation centres in Rakiraki were closely monitored with authorities in charge. An assessment of need for immediate clothing and blankets (as per FRCS mandate during disaster) revealed that families were self sufficient hence no distributions were recorded.


- Fiji Red Cross Society Labasa branch completed its assessment and conducted distribution on the 10th of March. The distribution of relief was carded out mainly to the evacuation center (Labasa Civic Centre)

Items description Number distributed Individua benefited Area/Location
1. Bed sheets
Civic Centre - Labasa

Number of evacuation centres and occupants:

Civic Centre Labasa - 45

Labasa Sangam School - not utilised

- FRCS continues to work with the Divisional DISMAC in the Western and Northern divisions. A coordination meeting was held at the Office of the Commissioner Northern at 0900hrs in which FRCS emphasised its role and mandate as an auxiliary and autonomous body. The Div. DISMAC Committee meets again at 1000hrs today to determine a course of action for further detailed assessments from the 10th March.

- As at 1500hrs today, joint assessments between FRCS and Local District Office were still underway. This is to basically to determine the extent of overall damage in terms of property and livelihood of the population in the affected area.

- Other branches not included are currently playing a monitoring role as the rainfall situation is forecast to affect the whole of Fiji within the next 24 hours.


1. Note content of report.

2. Complete detailed assessments and collaborate and coordinate re. appropriate response means in accordance with mandate.

3. Continue monitoring status and coordinate where necessary.


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