Road and transportation update on western. central and eastern division as at 11.40am 3/2/12

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1 . Rakiraki

a. Rakiraki Bridge Water level rising.
b. Rewasa Bridge is under 2feet of water.
c. Korotale Bridge under 2ft of water.
d. Qallau Road under 4ft of flood water.
e. Korowaqa Settlement was flooded.

2 . Nadroga

a. Flooding in Raiwaqa due to heavy rain in the interior of Nadroga,
b. Lokia bridge under water & closed to motorists.
c. Flooding at Momi village

3 . Lautoka

a. The Abaca crossing No. 1 - Crossing currently inaccessible to vehicles.
b. Vakabuli/Paipai Crossing has been washed away completely. It is the main access for all the people living in the Vakabuli, Poseci Bune and Drasa Cemetery Rd. Alternative entry currently utilized i.e. Drasa Cemetery Road, which is the only current access through to tropic Road (longer route). The road is soggy and is inaccessible even by four wheel drives.
c. Landslide - Vakabuli/Paipai end./ Poseci Bune Road is inaccessible because of a landslide from the Vakabuli/Paipai end.
d. Vakabuli Indian School Crossing: / is inaccessible to small vehicles and buses are not operating because of the road conditions.
e. Johnson/Drasa Dam Rd Crossing to Lololo / Johnson/Drasa Dam Rd Crossing to Lololo damaged and inaccessible,
f. Vakabuli to Lololo Road / Road damaged and inaccessible
g. Vitogo/Naviyago Crossing / Crossing washed away, school children and workers from Naviyago now have to walk about 2km to the main road.
h. Vakabuli Village Water Dam / Landslide damaging Dam and road. Road currently inaccessible.
i. The villagers have identified another excellent source through Poseci Bune road, which needs to be surveyed by the Rural WAF.
ii. Urgent need to clear and repair the dam.

4 . Nadi

a. Lavusa Crossing/One side of Lavusa crossing had been badly damaged by flood waters, whereby culverts and main water pipes have been damaged. The Divisional Engineer Roads had been informed to attend accordingly.

5 . Central Division

a. Road side landslide approximately 5 mtrs at the bend before Dilkusha Girls School posing threat to both pedestrians and traffic.

6 . Eastern Division

The island of Ovalau is also experiencing heavy rain. The following is the report from PA Lomaiviti.

  • Levuka – Rukuruku road closed to traffic except 4x4 wheel drives.

  • Bureta to Lovoni road closed to traffic. 2208hrs

  • Service Station/Levuka under water.

  • One Namoli road under water.

  • Waidau Bridge under water.