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With disaster relief ongoing in the western branches of Fiji, a team after carrying out assessments while distributing disaster relief packs is now readying to deploy from Fiji Red Cross to help address health and hygiene issues.

An emergency response team, armed with one thousand of hygiene kits and local WASH (water sanitation and hygiene) kits will be deployed to the western division tomorrow from the National Office in Suva to support our branch executives and volunteers distribute this relief items and also to again raise awareness on health risks in affected areas. These toolkits are primarily designed to help and teach flood stricken families address health and hygiene risks surrounding the flood.

The needs assessments and distribution of water containers and relief black packs containing new clothing, towel, and blanket and cooking sets containing pots, dishes, cups and kitchen utensils are ongoing.

People in flood affected areas should remember: to boil their water for drinking or purify it using available water purification tablets and wash their hands when preparing a meal and after visiting the washroom.

The Red Cross Health and Care Coordinator, Marica Kepa would also like to advise people living in the affected area in the western division to visit their nearest local health facilities or hospital if they start showing signs and symptoms of water borne diseases like diarrhea and viral illnesses.

Leaving their families and loved ones, Society staff and volunteers have now worked for over 1 week relieving the suffering of vulnerable people.

Content of Hygiene Kit:

  • Bathing Soap (2)

  • Washing Soap (1/4 bar)

  • Sanitary pads (2 pieces)

  • Colgate (1)

  • Toothbrush (1)

  • Fabuloso detergent (1)

  • Candle (1 piece)

  • Matches (1)

  • Mosquito coil (1)

  • Hand sanitizer (1)

  • Hand washing steps leaflet in Fijian, Hindi & English

  • STI leaflet

  • Male condom (3 pieces)

Content of WASH Kit:

  • Purification Tablets

  • Bucket

  • Jerry Cans

  • WASH educational materials

NB: Packing of Hygiene Kits is currently underway today till 4.00pm at Fiji Red Cross Training room, ground floor. Media welcome to take pictures.

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