Pacific: Tropical Cyclone Mona Information Bulletin

The situation

Tropical Depression, TD04F intensified further and developed into a category 1 (CAT 1) tropical cyclone at 10 am on 4 January 2019 and last upgraded to Category 2 in the afternoon. It has been named Tropical Cyclone Mona (TC Mona).

Tropical cyclone Mona was located about 300km Northwest of Labasa at 7 am on 4 January. Close to the centre, average winds are estimated to be about 85km/hr with momentary gusts to 120km/hr.

TC Mona is moving South-Southwest at about 20km/hr. TC Mona is expected to move towards the South-Southwest till tonight and then turn and move East-Southeast towards the Fiji group on 5 January. On the forecast track, the centre is expected to be located about 290km Northnorthwest of Nadi at 7 pm on 4 January and about 250km north of Nadi at 7 am on 5 January.
Damaging winds are likely to begin several hours before the cyclone passes overhead or nearby.
On this track, the system is expected to be going through both main islands of Fiji Viti Levu and Vanua Levu and track southwards latest Sunday, 6 January 2019.


Fiji Red Cross Society (FRCS) had a skeleton team on standby who has sent out alerts to the Divisional Services Coordinators to alert their branches and assist communities with preparedness measures. Red Cross volunteers are on standby to provide humanitarian assistance.

These messages have been disseminated by government National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) through radio, TV, as well as through social media and if necessary the volunteers will be visiting individual households who live at high risks river banks and low-lying area to start evacuating to safer place.

In order to mobilize its volunteers and assets for first response actions and assessments, FRCS will make a DREF application that is expected to be submitted on Friday, 4 January 2019