Pacific regional office MAA55001 Annual Report

This report covers the period 1 January – 31 December 2012.


Pacific Red Cross national societies are community-based organizations. Support to improving the functioning of local Red Cross institutions, programmes and the resulting services, which then have an impact on vulnerable people, is at the heart of the Pacific regional office’s mandate. The Pacific regional office: - provides membership services to 13 recognized Red Cross national societies, including French Red Cross, and two societies currently still in formation in the Pacific region - develops capacities in preparedness and response, including responding to health needs during emergencies - promotes legal preparedness for disasters - provides tailored, integrated and consistent accompaniment to national society self-development - supports programming that is responsive to community-identified priorities and is delivered through a strong branch and volunteer network that is in touch with the needs of vulnerable people - encourages young people to become more active in leading and working in their national societies - develops a distinctive, authoritative and consistent IFRC regional voice that speaks out on behalf of vulnerable people, which influences and improves policy affecting vulnerability - improves institutional memory within the membership by sharing good practice and lessons learnt - supports Pacific national societies to contribute to global and regional policy and strategy - coordinates the work of the International Red Cross Red Crescent Movement in the region within the IFRC’s mandate - liaises and coordinates with non-Red Cross Red Crescent actors in disasters