NDMO awaits TC Sarai’s exit for response deployment to the maritime islands

from Government of Fiji
Published on 30 Dec 2019 View Original

The National Disaster Management Office will deploy its response team to the Island of Kadavu and Southern Lau once Tropical Cyclone Sarai exits the group.

After briefing the Prime Minister this morning, NDMO Director, Vasiti Soko says the planning team is working with other agencies to coordinate response plans from the desegregated data that was collected from the Divisional Emergency Operation Centers.

“As of this morning we have received some reports from the Island of Kadavu but the Initial Damages Assessments is still being carried out by our officers on the ground who are working closely with the Turaga ni Koro’s and Community leaders” said Soko.

“ A total of 7 Evacuation Centres are open in the Eastern Division with 107 evacuees, the Kavala Health Centre has confirmed that there has been no injury report received for Northern Kadavu however there were major damages to the agriculture sector in Kadavu while our Officers are still conducting Initial Damages Assessment” added Soko.

Looking at the situation on the ground so far from Kadavu, the Muani Road has been cleared and is accessible, a damage report was received for Vunisea Secondary School while an additional Evacuation Center was activated at Vabea Village community hall.

Meanwhile the number of evacuation centers in the country has decreased from 52 to 25 with 499 evacuees down from 1,624.

“The Northern Division has cleared all their Evacuation Centers, 3 is still active in the Central Division with 40 evacuees, 15 Evacuation Centers in the Western with 352 evacuees while 7 are active in the Eastern Division with 107 evacuees” said Soko.

For Maritime Clearance, the Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji has given the clearance for all SHIPS OVER 15 metres in the Western ,North and Central Division however restrictions still in place for Southern Lau.

MSAF has also advised that small boat owners and masters are to take necessary precautionary measures to ensure their boats are safe.