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International donors come to Fiji's aid

In the aftermath of Tropical Cyclone Winston, the international community has rallied to support the recovery of the Fijian people by providing supplies, manpower and humanitarian assistance. The storm – the most destructive on record in the Southern Hemisphere – has left many Fijians stranded without adequate food, water or shelter and cut-off from essential medical services.

The Indian Government has pledged over 2.1 million FJD as a cash grant to the Fijian Government for relief efforts and recovery activities, along with medicine, food, tents and transportation helicopter to deliver relief materials.

The Australian Government has provided $7.7 million FJD in humanitarian aid-in-kind. The Australian Government has also provided four helicopters for aerial surveying and for the transportation of relief supplies, along with two aircraft for aerial surveying.

The United States Government and the People’s Republic of China have each pledged $213,675 FJD through the Red Cross.

The French Government has provided one military aircraft and sent 40 engineers to assist with the provision of medical services and the transport of relief items. They have also mobilized 22 hours of helicopter flight time for humanitarian missions. Confirmation of the monetary value of aid-in-kind has not been finalized.

The New Zealand Government has provided $424,000 FJD in humanitarian aid-in-kind along with four military helicopters, medical supplies and medical teams. The HMS Canterbury has also departed for Fiji to provide 40 military personnel to deliver relief assistance.

The Japanese Government has pledged $153,833 FJD in relief assistance.

The Governments of French Polynesia and Tonga have both contributed food rations for affected Fijian communities.

The Government of Nauru has provided a cash grant of $153,833 FJD to the Fijian Government for relief efforts and recovery activities.

The Asian Development Bank has pledged 4.28 million FJD in response to a letter of request sent by the Fijian Government.

The Fijian Government appreciates the much-needed support given by the international community. The need of the Fijian people is great, and Fiji requires all the support that can be given to rebuild and fully recover from this tragedy.