Foreign aid continues to flow into Fiji

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Foreign aid is continuing to flow into Fiji to help with relief efforts in areas devastated by the worst floods in Fiji's history.

Australia has contributed 200-thousand-dollars in aid for purchase of school text books, stationery and repairs to schools affected by the floods in the Western Sector of the main island of Viti Levu.

As Karan Pillay reports from Suva, government and Red Cross officials are continuing the distribution of food rations.

The Australian High Commissioner to Fiji, Greg Irwin hopes that the contribution will get Fiji's children back into schools, saying Australian hearts go out to those affected by loss of life, property and livelihood. The donation came as thousands of students returned to schools for another year. Many schools in the western division have lost most, if not all their resources. Part of the Australian money will also be used for repairs to hospitals and health centres. Other countries which have given relief funds include Papua New Guinea and New Zealand. Several foreign missions including the Americans and Japanese are also liasing with their governments for relief assistance to Fiji. The United Nations Development Programme Office is expected to make their contribution tomorrow. Today the Vice President began another tour of the affected areas calling on people to unite as they rebuild the lives. Several hundred families are being assisted with food rations and other supplies from government and Red Cross officials. Karan Pillay Suva

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