Fiji: Shiu Raj applauds relief workers

News and Press Release
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The Minister for Multi-ethnic Affairs applauded the efforts of relief workers in cyclone ravaged areas of the north. He said their work was much appreciated despite the negative comments made by members of the Fiji Labour Party (FLP).
He said in parliament today, the Prime Minister and the Government had made exhaustive efforts to alleviate problems faced by those undergoing hardships, and went on to outline his Ministries rehabilitation work.

So far, the Ministry has allocated $131,156 for rehabilitation projects. It has also awarded a total of 166 new multi-ethnic affairs scholarships to the northern division. These are full scholarships covering tuition, board, and book allowance.

The scholarships are earmarked for places at the University of the South Pacific, Fiji Institute of Technology and the Fiji College of Advanced Education.

Scholarship aspirants only qualify if the combined household income is $10,000 or lower. The Multi-ethnic Affairs Scholarship scheme is specifically targeted for the less fortunate in the community.