Fiji Roads Authority update - Situation report 1

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All roads open

Central Eastern

Levuka Depot

Roads ok but still on road inspection

Debris is building up on the Bureta Bridge and will need to be cleared.

Naqali Depot

Road ok, no damage found. Supervisors still carrying out inspections

Taunovo Depot

Road ok this morning. More rural inspections will be carried out during the day

Rewa Depot

Vuci South Road 0.500km-1.800km, below water. Drainage work to be programmed.

Naqeledamu road off Kings road was below water RP: 0.0-2.00km. No drainage on the shoulder, outlet drains need to be cleaned.

Inspection still being carried out. No structural damage found to date.

Korovou Depot

Deepwater crossing has had further damage. Crews establishing today to carry out make safe works. More inspections to be carried out.


Rain has been heavy overnight. The rain had eased by mid-morning but is forecast to return this afternoon. Creeks and streams are still very high and fast flowing, making ford crossings very limiting. Higgins are currently out reviewing the network. Many people may have to cross streams and creeks by foot in many areas due to buses and carriers not being able to cross due to high/swift waters. Caution is advised.

Rakiraki Depot

Not affected yet. Waiting on any afternoon rain.

Tavua depot

Nadelei Rd - under water, CLOSED.

Vatia – Surface flooding, 4X4 ONLY.

Lubulubu - under water, CLOSED.

Matacawa - cul 0/3, 1/1, 3/1, under water, CLOSED.

Qalela - Cul 5/1, 3/2, 0/5, under water, CLOSED.

Rukuruku - Cul 0/2, under water, CLOSED.

Yaladro - 2 meters under water, CLOSED.

Naseyani - Vitivanua Crossing, under water, CLOSED.

Dramasi - under water, CLOSED.

Ba Depot

Koroboya Rd. - 1st crossing, BR 0/1, under water, CLOSED.

Vutuni Rd. - 3rd crossing, BR 3/1, under water, CLOSED.

Maranitawa Rd - 1st crossing, BR 0/2, under water, CLOSED.

Babriban - 2nd crossing, BR 2/1, under water, CLOSED.

Toge Rd - 1st crossing BR 3/2, under water, CLOSED..

Elevuka Rd - 1st bridge, BR ¾, under water, CLOSED.

Babriban Rd, 2nd crossing BR 2/1, under water, CLOSED.

Moto Rd - 1st crossing, under water, CLOSED.

Navala Rd - under water, CLOSED.

Vunisamaloa Rd - cul 0/1 – cul 0/3, underwater, 4X4 ACCESS ONLY.

Lautoka Depot


Nadi Depot

Momi/Nabila Rd. – Landslide being cleared CLOSED.

Nasesevia Vunamoli - Irish Crossing washed out, CLOSED.

Further inspections in the Highlands are currently being undertaken.

Sigatoka Depot

Uluisila Rd - Ulisila Crossing underwater, CLOSED.

Nadroumai - low level crossing, under water, CLOSED.

Nasau – Nasau Crossing 0/1, under water, CLOSED.

Tilivalevu - Qwali Flat, under water, CLOSED.

Nasovotava - Nasovotava Creek crossing under water, CLOSED.

Lomawai/Namata - washed out culvert - CLOSED.

Oloolo - Oloolo wooden bridge under water, CLOSED.

Sigatoka Valley Road - Nacocolevu - Landslide works being undertaken, one lane only.