Fiji Project Highlights: Emergency Assistance to Re-Establish the Livelihoods of Households Affected by Tropical Cyclone Harold (OSRO/FIJ/002/NZE)

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Objective: To restore the agricultural livelihoods and enhance the food security of the most vulnerable communities affected by Tropical Cyclone Harold.

Key partners: Ministry of Agriculture.

Beneficiaries reached: 1 908 households (9 540 people).

Activities implemented:

  • Provided 1 481 semi-commercial farming households with a total of 3 500 capsicum seedlings, 3 500 chilli seedlings, 3 500 eggplant seedlings, 3 500 English cabbage seedlings, 300 papaya seedlings and 3 500 tomato seedlings.

  • Provided 354 subsistence farming households with a total of 4 500 cassava cuttings, 5 000 dalo ni tana suckers, 3 500 duruka cuttings and 5 000 sweet potato cuttings.

  • Provided mechanical land preparation services to a total of 73 commercial and semi-commercial farming households.


  • Enabled 1 481 semi-commercial farming households to produce a total of 27.5 tonnes of capsicum, 11 tonnes of chilli, 27.5 tonnes of eggplant, 27.5 tonnes of English cabbage, 27 tonnes of papaya and 18.3 tonnes of tomato.

  • Enabled 354 subsistence farming households to produce a total of 7 tonnes of cassava, 10.6 tonnes of dalo ni tana, 2.1 tonnes of duruka and 21.2 tonnes of sweet potato.

  • Enabled 73 commercial and semi-commercial farming households to cultivate a total of 66.74 ha of arable land, thanks to mechanical land preparation services.

  • Restored the livelihoods and enhanced the food security of 1 908 farming households.

  • Increased the availability of food in the local markets of the Central, Northern and Western Divisions of Fiji; and stimulated local economic activities through contracting local service providers (e.g. seed nurseries and private contractors for mechanical land preparation services).