Fiji: Past disaster experiences show lack of preparedness

The experiences of the past many years, has demonstrated to us, the severity and the frequency of natural hazards, and indeed, as we all know, the impact of the disasters is magnified by our lack of preparedness.

Acting Deputy Secretary of Education Primary and Secondary, Jimione Buwawa highlighted the findings as he launched the Educational Manuals on Disaster Preparedness at the Raffles Tradewinds yesterday (9/09/08).

"Today is a significant day, as we meet here to witness the launch of the Fiji Educational Manual on Disaster management," he said.

"I wish to thank and congratulate the United Nations Centre for Regional Development and the National Disaster Management office, for the publication of the teachers handbook and the students workbook on disaster management.

Mr Buwawa said there are still many communities, schools and children, who are still trying to recover from the traumatic experiences of past cyclones, fires and floods.

"If we are to provide strategies that will be effective, it is obvious that disaster management in Fiji has to be taught to children. Afterall, our primary and secondary schools have a population of over 200,000," he said.

"On our part, the Ministry has ensured that disaster management is provided in our national curriculum, for both primary and secondary schools. Through this curriculum, they are taught preparatory methods, safety measures and post-disaster strategies.

Mr Buwawa said the manual will definitely enhance the teaching of disaster management in all our schools.