Fiji overseas communities lend a helping hand

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama this morning received a US$2150 cash donation from ex Fiji residents now living in San Francisco to assist the people affected by the recent Cyclone Gene.

Fiji's Honorary Consul to San Francisco, Dr Narayan Raju made the presentation on behalf of the Fiji American National Association (FANA) and the Global Initiative for Today and Tomorrows Education (GIFTTE).

Commodore Bainimarama was gratified by the act of generosity from the two ex -Fiji resident organizations, adding such gestures would go a long way in assisting the needy in Fiji.

'I am greatly honoured to receive such a donation from our former Fiji residents and people in San Francisco. Such a donation reflects the good intentions of our former citizens for the people of Fiji even through they now reside in San Francisco,' he said.

'This gesture shows how much they still have Fiji at heart, and it will go along way in terms of assisting the needy in Fiji.'

Commodore Bainimarama thanked both organizations and likewise for Dr Raju, for his efforts in securing such a timely donation for Fiji.

'I sincerely thank our Honorary Consul Dr Narayan Raju for the wonderful work he is doing there in San Francisco and more importantly to the former Fiji Residents who are making this donations,' he said.

'I am also informed that they are willing to do more of the same kind of donation towards the needy in Fiji, which would be channelled through my Office.

Dr Raju said the organizations were motivated to make donations after the recent devastations caused by Cyclone Gene.

'The organizations were saddened to learn of the devastations caused by Cyclone Gene in the remote islands of Fiji particularly the disruption of education to many children, ' Dr Raju said.

In a statement received from FANA, President, Daven Kumar said that while their hearts goes out to the victims especially the children who were affected, they also acknowledge the work Government has done in ensuring that affected islands and villages were assisted.

'FANA requests that this money be used for one purpose only, i.e. assist the school children who have been affected in the remote islands of Fiji, although the amount is small, this is just the beginning and we are determined to continue contributing significant amounts to your Prime Minister Rehabilitation fund from time to time,' Mr Kumar said.

Similar sentiments were also expressed by GIFTTE President, Ms Anjula Singh.

GIFTTE's mission is to provide financial assistance for the underprivileged students world wide by granting them funds to help their yearly tuition, books, supplies and other expenses.