Fiji: Majority relief work undertaken - DISMAC

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Majority of the work needed in the Cyclone Ami relief operations have been undertaken, says Director, National Disaster Management Office, Joeli Rokovada.

"Now a cut off date is been set for February 14 before the second phase of rehabilitation work in affected areas will continue," he said.

Mr Rokovada raised this issue whist giving a progressive report on the cyclone relief operations recently carried out in the Northern and Eastern divisions.

He said most of the relief work done extensively covered basic necessities of life such as food, water and shelter.

"At this stage, we have covered about 90 per cent of the affected people in those localities.

"In terms of other relief supplies provided to the people, it includes water purification tablets including other relief supplies from the Fiji Red Cross in the form of family packs and 'black packs'.

This relief work includes medical teams from the Ministry of Health, Royal Fiji Military Forces and the Red Cross.

Mr Rokovada said the rehabilitation work has already begun indirectly in some areas where most relief operations has been accomplished.

He commended the non-governmental organisations for their assistance during the emergency period.