Fiji: Heavy rain causes second Suva flood

Torrential rain has caused widespread flooding in and around Fiji's capital, Suva, creating fresh havoc among homes, shops and crops.
The latest floods have come just one week after a rainstorm left 10 dead and 11 others missing.

Suva is now cut off from other towns on the main island due to flooding and some landslides along the main highways.

Patients in Navua town hospital, 30 kilometres south of the capital, had to be evacuated after the hospital was flooded.

Soldiers were called in to assist police in evacuating hundreds of people, including shop owners and farmers.

Schools have been ordered closed and some of them now house people who have fled the floods.

Shops in Levuka, a town on an eastern island, have been flooded also and there are fears that major rivers near other towns may burst their banks, threatening hundreds of thousands more people and their crops.