Fiji: Cabinet to hear disaster management improvement needs

The National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) will submit to Cabinet a paper detailing its operations after Cyclone Ami in view of improving its performance in disaster response and coordination.

After a debriefing session in Suva today, NDMOD Director, Joeli Rokovada, said that the submission will be based on today's deliberations. The debriefing session was attended by representatives from various government ministries and departments, statutory authorities involved with the NDMO and non-government organisations namely the Fiji Red Cross and the Fiji Council of Social Services.

Mr Rokovada said the objective of the debriefing session was to identify preparedness measures and activities that could improve emergency management in Fiji as well as identifying weaknesses, constraints and strengths in the Cyclone Ami operations.

"We also discussed the solutions to the problems we encountered during the Ami operation and mapped out directions to be taken for the future. This was demanded by Cabinet in its first seating after the disaster," said Mr Rokovada.