Fiji: Australia assists crop rehab programme

The Permanent Secretary for Provincial Development, Mr Manasa Vaniqi today received a cheque of F$600,000 for the rehabilitation of the agriculture sector from the Australian High Commissioner, Mr James Batley.

In handing over the agricultural rehabilitation funds to the Permanent Secretary, the High Commissioner said Australia has always assisted and will continue to assist its Pacific Island neighbours when natural disasters strike.

Moreover,in receiving the Fund Mr Vaniqi highlighted Fiji's gratitude in receiving Australia's timely assistance adding that the funds will be used by the Ministry of Primary Industries for crop rehabilitation.

'This agricultural rehabilitation funds of $600,000 would no doubt have great and lasting impact on the lives of farmers in the replenishment of seeds and planting materials lost in the wake of cyclone Gene,' he said.

Mr Vaniqi added that the money will be credited to the Prime Minister's Trust and Relief Fund Account and will be managed and administered by the National Disaster and Management Office in close collaboration with the Ministry of Primary Industry.

Mr Vaniqi is also the National Disaster Controller.