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Refilling Water Tanks

In the Lau Group and Taveuni, over 90% of the clean drinking water supplies comes from water catchment (roofs/guttering) into water storage tanks. On February 20th, Cyclone Winston destroyed or damaged 80% of the homes and buildings, leaving the remote island villagers without the ability to capture and store enough water to get them through the dry season. We are now 4 months into the dry season and our greatest fears have become a reality and the people are now in desperate need of clean drinking water. With only undrinkable brackish wells to pull from, and 3-4 months until the rainy season returns, they desperately need clean water delivered to them immediately.

Sending our Landing Craft to the Lau area

Sea Mercy’s dedicated Landing Craft was built specifically to carry a desalination unit that can not only generate 10,000 liters a pure drinking day, but also carries over 400 meters of flat fire hose to effectively deliver that emergency water to the most difficult to access water storage containers in a village while anchored offshore. Since June we have generated and delivered tens of thousands of liters of clean drinking water to the devastated islands in the Lomaiviti area. The Lau Group needs us.

The current drinking water needs for the dozens of at risk villages in the Lau Group and Taveuni areas is well over 100,000 liters if they are to make it through the dry season. To meet the emergency needs there, we will be relocating our Landing Craft to Northern Lau group and Taveuni areas and staging the necessary fuel there to operate the Landing Craft for the next 30-60 days (until the needs are met). We are seeking assistance to help cover the fuel costs of sending and operating her there.

Fuel Sponsorship for the program

We have calculated the fuel needs at over FJD $10,000 in order for the our Landing Craft to generate and deliver the necessary water to the “at risk” Northern Lau and Taveuni remote villages. We are seeking donations and sponsors to help us offset these operational fuel costs. If you can assist, please make a secure donation (Credit Card or PayPal) via the below button. Thank you!