DISMAC comprehensive report on roads, evacuation centres and damage reports - 9:30pm 25/1/2112

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All the Divisional and District Emergency Operation Centers (EOCs) have been activated. Police, Military and Civil Servants are manning the operation, the Divisional HODs have been briefed on the current situation and they have also activated their Emergency Operation and are to report to the Divisional Emergency Operations if there is a unique situation at hand.

All sectors have also activated their own standby teams i.e. Police Command Centre, Lautoka, DE Works, DMO Health, FEA, Telecom, WAF, DNR, and the Red Cross.


Ra District

Barotu Circular road crossing under water. Access roads remain closed.

Vaileka Town flooded, Naroro road under water, Nasau – Navitilevu crossing under water and is closed to all traffucs The whole of Ra District is still without power supply including Ra high school, Naria and Waimicia.

Tavua/Nadarivatu Districts

Eight (8) evacuation centres have been reported to have been opened in the District, with 423 evacuees.

8 roads have been closed as reported from the Tavua are as follows:

Nadalei road, Lakalaka road, Valadro road, Qalela road, Dramasi Road,

Naseyani road, Vatukoula Industrial, Lubulubu road, Parts of Kings

road is open to traffic and they are Nadarivatu road.

Tavua, Nadarivatu, Yaladro and Nabuna are still without power supply.

Ba District

Fourteen (14) evacuation centres have been reported to have been opened, with 687 evacuees and 19 families so far recorded. Unaccounted figure is yet to be confirmed by District EOC Ba.

The whole of Ba District is still without power supply. 15 roads closed and they are part of kings road, Vutuni road, Namosau road, Koronubu road, Moto road, Marinitawa road, Toge road, Babrian road, Votua road, Ba Link road, Navala road, Koula back road, Vatusui road, Vatiyaka road, Nadari.