Cyclone Gavin costs Fiji about 27 million dollars

(2:32pm AEDT)

A Fiji government report says the total cost of damage caused by Cyclone Gavin in the country is around 27-million-dollars.

The Fiji Times says Cabinet has already approved the provision of about 2l8-thousand-dollars for emergency food rations to affected families on the outer islands.

The Disaster Management Committee report lists the main priority as the provision of emergency relief, especially in the outer islands of the Yasawa Group, Malolo, Vatulele, Yadua and Kia.

The government has also decided to provide 852-dollars for each family whose home was completely destroyed.

The paper says the the provision of relief assistance to other parts of Fiji is also being considered.

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Wed Mar 26 15:00:01 1997 ( AEDT )

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