Ba provincial office officals fully engaged in recovery

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A DISMAC Team had been activated by Commissioner Western to assist with further evacuation and monitoring of people who have been affected by severe flooding.

Ba Provincial Council staff together with government officers have been mobilised for the challenging task.

Commissioner Western had already convened a meeting of Turaga ni Koro (Village Headmen) and provincial council representatives in the province urging them to produce reports on the extent of damage in their respective villages as soon as possible.

Similarly, provincial council members have issued instructions to rural village communities to utilize available root crops, before considering assistance of Government and outside donor agencies.

Low-lying areas mostly affected were littered with debris and fallen trees, washed from inland.

The provincial office will continue its advisory role by cautioning rural village communities of imminent health risk if they are not too careful about hygiene: drink boil water and other preventative health measures to stop the spread of unborn diseases in their villages and communities.