Asia and the Pacific: Weekly Regional Humanitarian Snapshot (12 - 28 September 2015)

from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Published on 28 Sep 2015


Tropical Cyclone Dujuan is currently a Category 4 storm about 200km east of Taiwan province of China.
The China Meteorological Administration issued warnings for the powerful typhoon which is scheduled to make landfall on 29 Sep. Given that there are public holidays in China, the government is working to ensure the safety of tourists visiting seaside areas.
In Japan, warnings for heavy rain, flood, storm, high waves and storm surge are in place for Ishigakijima and Yonagunijima. Flights and ships to/from these islands are cancelled.


Some 11,700 households (nearly 59,000 people) remain displaced in 120 sites in 13 earthquake affected districts. While the general trend suggests that the number of sites decreased over the past months, the population in larger sites has increased. In addition, political unrest continues to affect the Terai region. The Government confirmed 44 deaths (33 protesters and 11 security forces) as a result of protest clashes over the past several weeks. Political strikes have disrupted the transportation of agricultural items to mainly high altitude areas.

59,000 people affected


Rapid assessments are now underway in drought and cyclone affected provinces of Vanuatu to determine the scale of water and food shortages associated with El Niño. Emergency food distributions will begin to target 15,000+ households, as well as schools and health facilities. At least one child died in connection with the drought and more are currently being treated for malnutrition.

15,000 HHs targeted by food distributions


Heavy rainfall on 19 and 20 September, caused by Tropical Cyclone Vamco, affected 1,300 households (around 6,300 people) in several districts in Battambang Province. The flooding pattern is similar to 2013, but water levels are lower because additional water was not released from the Thai side of the border. This is in addition to flooding that occurred in Kampot Province affecting 22,000 people after water was released from an over capacity dam, coupled with heavy rainfall from TC Vamco. The Cambodian Government and Cambodian Red Cross is providing food assistance to those affected.

28,000 people affected


The Fiji Government estimates more than 67 000 people are now affected by the country’s El Niño-related drought. Water trucking operations have now stepped-up to cover the increasing needs of people, agriculture and livestock. A total of 54 schools (12,000 students) received emergency water supplies.

67,000 displaced families


On 25 September at 00:53 local time, an earthquake measuring between 6.6 – 6.8 magnitude, struck offshore approximately 31 km northeast of Sorong City, West Papua Province. The Indonesian National Disaster Management Agency, BNPB, reported 17 people severely injured and another 45 with lesser injuries. There were no fatalities. More than 2,400 buildings were damaged. BNPB has mobilized its Rapid Response Team to support local BPDB authorities to assist those affected. The local BPBD undertook evacuations and transportation of the injured to local hospitals.

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