AHA Centre Flash Update - Tropical Cyclone Winston, Fiji, 25 February 2016

News and Press Release
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FIJI. Tropical Cyclone (TC) Winston, one of the strongest cyclones ever recorded, left a trail of severe destruction in Fiji which is populated with 900,000 people. Cutting across the two main islands (Viti Levu and Vanua Levu) with the densest population worsened the impacts.

UNOCHA reported 36 people died and 35,000 people took shelter in 424 evacuation centers.
In response, the Government of Fiji led the emergency operation and welcomed International Assistance. The Government also issued critical instructions to ensure effective humanitarian relief efforts and immediate recovery from the situation.

International communities rallied to support the relief and recovery efforts. Several foreign governments and international humanitarian organisations pledged and provided assistance. One AHA Centre staff member was deployed to Fiji under UNDAC mechanism in support of the emergency response.