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World Vision Ethiopia: Tigray crisis response: Situation Report #3 29 December 2020

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On Wednesday 4 November 2020, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced he had ordered a military response to an “attack by the ruling party of the Tigray region” on the largest military base in the country, and the Federal Council of Ministers declared a sixmonth State of Emergency in Tigray Region. The Tigray Regional State announced that air space was closed and road transportation, phone and internet were cut within the Tigray Region and in bordering areas in Amhara Region. This crisis has increased the number of children in need of humanitarian assistance in Tigray region to 2.3 million (UNICEF), which the United Nations has described as a “full scale humanitarian crisis”. Although there are signs that the open conflict may be coming to an end, the region remains tense. A large but unquantified still unconfirmed number of civilians in Tigray are internally displaced, and more than 53,000 are believed to have crossed the border into Sudan. World Vision has 83 staff, seven Area Programmes, 11 grant-funded projects, and 19,254 registered children in Tigray. As of December 12, 2020, Ethio Telecom shared that mobile voice services in Mekelle city and Maiychew have been restored, in addition to Dansha, Humera, Maikadra, Turkan, Maytsebri, Korem and Alamata. However electric Power announced that electricity has been restored to Mekelle city and its vicinity