What the three agencies advocate to stop hunger in Ethiopia

Based on their March 2003 assessment mission in Ethiopia, Lutheran World Relief, Catholic Relief Services and Africare are advocating action by Congress and the Administration in two areas.

1. To Help Ethiopia Hold the Line Against Famine

- Passage of an additional $350 million in emergency food aid by the U.S. Senate.

- Expedited approvals and shipments of aid before it is too late. Early action is paramount.

2. To Help Ethiopians End the Cycle of Food Crises

- Enhanced investments by USAID, international donors, and non-governmental organizations in agricultural development, including irrigation and water harvesting, in order to build the foundation for food security.

- Increased development assistance, in cooperation with the Ethiopian government and other donors, to build infrastructure and basic social services - to move beyond subsistence agriculture.

While the focus of the delegation was on Ethiopia and its neighbor, Eritrea, the call for enhanced and sustained development assistance applies to sub-Saharan Africa in general, the group said.