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Weather Hazards Impacts Assessment for Africa: May 24 - 30, 2007

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- Abundant, well distributed rains have resulted in good conditions across southern Ethiopia, southeastern Sudan and western portions of the Lake Victoria Basin. In West Africa, recent rains benefited recently sown crops by giving an early boost to moisture supplies in some areas.

- Drought is worsening across interior eastern Kenya. Dry conditions have also had a negative impact on pastures in Djibouti and adjacent parts of Ethiopia and Eritrea while showers eased short term dryness over Ethiopia's eastern highlands.

1) A lack of rain this season has resulted in drought across interior eastern Kenya.

2) Torrential rains over the past week have raised concerns about flooding in the Sudanese state of Janquli.

3) Good rains favored crops and pastures across southern Ethiopia, southeastern Sudan, the western half of the Lake Victoria Basin and adjacent areas.

4) Excellent short season rains in 2006 have resulted in robust pasture regeneration and abundant water supplies.

5) Rainfall has been below average across Djibouti, the northern half of Ethiopia's Afar region and the Red Sea Zone in Eritrea during the past few months. Conditions have trended dry in the Belg areas of Ahmara and Tigray in Ethiopia, however recent showers boosted soil moisture.

6) Abundant rains over the past several weeks have favored recently sown crops while giving moisture supplies an early boost across parts of western Africa.