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Weather Hazards Impacts Assessment for Africa: May 10 - 16, 2007


  • Rainfall has been good across much of the Horn; however there are some areas where the rains thus far have been poor and others where flooding is a concern. Well distributed rains have resulted in favorable conditions across southern Ethiopia, parts of Somalia and western portions of the Lake Victoria Basin.

- Seasonal rains are late across eastern Kenya, resulting in drought development. Dry conditions have had a negative impact on pastures in Djibouti and adjacent parts of Ethiopia and Eritrea. A recent drying trend has raised concerns over crop stress in some parts of the eastern Ethiopian Highlands.

1) Seasonal rains are late to start across eastern Kenya.

2) Heavy downpours may trigger flash floods in eastern Tanzania.

3) Recent heavy rains have resulted in high river levels on the Shebelle River in Somalia, along with the potential for flooding.

4) Rainfall has been less than half of average across Djibouti, the northern half of Ethiopia's Afar region and the Red Sea Zone in Eritrea during the past few months. Dry conditions have begun to develop in the Belg areas of Ahmara as well.

5) Rainfall has been average to above average over the past several weeks across much of southern Ethiopia. These rains have been well distributed, resulting in favorable conditions for pastures and crops.

6) Drought resulted in yield reductions and crop failures across a large portion of southeast Africa. As the main crop season has ended and harvest is underway, this will be the last week the drought area will be depicted this season.

7) Abundant, well distributed rains resulted in favorable conditions for crops and pastures across the western portions of the Lake Victoria Basin.

8) Abundant rains benefited pastures and water supplies across southeastern Ethiopia and central Somalia.