USAID to revise strategy for better economic development in Ethiopia

By a Staff Reporter

The Vice Director for Agriculture and Trade with USAID, Mrs. A. M. Simpson said Monday that USAID was revising its strategy aimed at giving better economic support to Ethiopia.

Mrs. Simpson told journalists, after meeting with Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, that her organization was revising its strategy in order to meet better the socio-economic requirements of the people.

She said the strategy would be focusing on socio-economic assistance rather than on humanitarian assistance in the coming years.

While here for a two-week visit, Mrs. Simpson toured projects in Addis Ababa, Amhara and Southern regions where she held discussions with regional officials, the private sector, NGOs, co-operatives and farmers.

Mrs. Simpson said that her talks with the Prime Minister centered on USAID's future support and economic issues of the country.

The Prime Minister stated at the talks with Mrs. Simpson that USAID was supporting Ethiopia and that projects being supported by the USAID were contributing towards a speedy realization of sustainable development of the country.


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